The importance of early childhood development

When it comes to the development of your child, nothing else takes priority. It’s no secret that children are the most effective learners compared to teenagers and adults; this is because their brains are wired to absorb as much information as possible. Early childhood development (ECD) thus plays a crucial role in shaping the kind of person your child will grow to become.

To know just how important early childhood development is, we need to understand what it entails to ensure that we enforce the right behaviour on our children at the right times.

What is early childhood development?

ECD is a comprehensive and holistic approach to programmes, policies and parenting for children from birth to nine years of age. It requires the active participation of government, caregivers, parents and educators to ensure that children are given the best possible developmental treatment.

The purpose of EDC is to protect the rights of children and develop their full mental, emotional, social and physical potential. By building these strong foundations for children, major global issues such as poverty and inequality can be overcome.

If you’d like to get a better grasp on the details of early childhood development, check out this handy resource!

How we at Kimfield Academy helps with your child’s development

We understand just how important a solid foundation is for your child. Our unique approach to education is what allows us to lay strong foundations for our learners so that they grow to be leaders, changemakers and trend setters, here’s how:

We don’t prepare our learners for careers, we prepare them for life

For a child to succeed in life, they need to have the right foundation, one that doesn’t conform to the norms of the failing and outdated modern educational system. Our teachers are given complete creative freedom to change their styles of teaching whenever necessary to ensure that learners fully grasp their learning material and understand how those lessons will help them in life.

We understand that creative education is the future

Through this creative freedom, our educators often change and diversify their strategies to teach lessons using progressive methodologies and ideas as opposed to sticking to an outdated syllabus. This allows learners to fully absorb teachings that they can use for the rest of their lives.

We value the importance of a healthy and productive environment

Unlike many public schools that use impersonal approaches to teaching groups of learners, we use a more holistic and interactive tactic. Our teacher-to-pupil ratio helps solve the problem of impersonal teaching and provides learners with the opportunity to excel at every turn.

These are but a few of the ways we help with early childhood development. Together with extensive extra mural programmes, each element of our teaching methods provides a holistic approach to the development of a child’s emotional, physical, mental and social potential. Would you like to give your young ones a head start in life? We can help you make that happen. Get in touch today to find out how!