What is Kim Field’s vision and goals for their Social Responsibility Outreach Programme?

The Social Responsibility Outreach Programme, sponsored by Kim Field, is a programme that develops the dance skills of students that come from disadvantaged backgrounds. Read about the vision and goals for Kim Field’s Social Responsibility Outreach Programme below:


The vision of the Social Responsibility Outreach Programme that Kim Field sponsors is to provide a motivational space that allows pupils of disadvantaged backgrounds to grow and learn freely without any stress placed upon them. Dancing is a great way to express emotions and release negativity without putting yourself in an uncomfortable situation.

Joining a dance academy is also a great way to become a part of a community, where unity and trust among members are something that you can count on. Through the Social Responsibility Outreach Programme, Kim Field hopes and intends to promote all the values mentioned above, creating a safe space for these pupils to gather.


The goal of this outreach programme is to lend a helping hand to children that have disadvantaged backgrounds. Kim Field’s Social Responsibility Outreach Programme is intended to reach out to these children and provide them with encouragement.

The goal of this programme is to educate these pupils in the field of dancing, providing them with the skills that they need to progress and perform as they please.