What is the link between extra mural activities and effective learning in today’s world?

Effective learning is a teaching method used to achieve specific results such as more connected knowledge and worldviews, increased engagement and self-direction as well as a greater ability to learn with others.

Children are sponges ripe for educating, more so than at any other stage in their lives. This is because a child’s mind is more susceptible and open to new knowledge than a teenager or adult’s mind.

As such, giving your child a good primary and secondary school education can mean the difference between nurturing a child who will actively contribute towards society or one who won’t have the drive and ambition needed to excel in life.

Effective leaning, similar to the free-flow approach we take here at the Kim Field Academy, is an efficient way to teach children fundamental life skills rather than just to prepare them for secondary and tertiary education. For more insight into this learning method, look at this publication.

What role do extra mural activities play in effective learning?

As mentioned in a previous blog post, we looked at the importance of extra mural activities for children. We surmised that extra murals have health, social and intellectual benefits for children, all three of which contribute to effective learning.

Effective learning takes the Chinese proverb ‘teach me, and I will forget. Show me, and I might remember. Involve me, and I will never forget’ to heart. Essentially, effective learning is promoted by encouraging activity with reflection and sense-making, inspiring collaboration for learning, enforcing learners’ responsibility for learning, and teaching kids the importance of learning about learning (learning how to learn).

Extra mural activities promote each one of these aspects of effective learning. They encourage children to learn through activity and collaboration. Extra murals also help kids develop good life habits and take responsibility for their own lives. Finally, they also play a role in teaching kids the importance of learning how to learn, for learning’s sake.

If your child doesn’t partake in any form of extra mural activity, you should consider motivating them to start doing extra murals at school or to join a club. The Kim Field Dance Academy would be a great place to start, get in touch to learn more.

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