Kim Field Pre-Primary School


The Kim Field Dance Academy is one of the leading dance schools in South Africa. Of the many varied dance styles taught, the most popular and most successful style currently pursued is Hip Hop.


At the beginning of 2001, the Kim Field Academy school selected the first group of dancers who possessed above average dance skills, from within the school. This team represented South Africa in 2001 when they went to Italy and competed in the Grand Prix Italia Festival against other dance groups from all over the world. Their performance outclassed the other competitors and Kim Field Academy brought home gold medals in five categories.

In April 2004, a new team travelled to Barcelona, Spain and competed in the Barcelona Grand Prix Festival. Once again, they came home with gold medals.

After these successes, the school decided to take a much larger team to Prague to compete in the New Prague Dance Festival in July 2006. The team consisted of 56 dancers whose ages ranged from 5 to 16 years of which 11 children were from our outreach programme. There were 47 teams from around the world competing against each other in all forms of dance: ballet, modern, Spanish, tap, contemporary, Hip Hop etc. The Kim Field Academy was the only school from South Africa to compete in this competition and the children were therefore representatives of their country. The team performed very well in Prague and were awarded 1st place in the Hip hop category, 2nd overall for choreography, 3rd overall for costumes and the principal of the school came 2nd overall for pedagogy. Two of the senior children received individual merit awards and the outreach group received the directors’ award. We were all very proud of these achievements.

In March 2008, another new group of 30 talented dancers from the school including children from disadvantaged communities represented Kim Field Academy at the Montenegro Dance festival competition in Kotor, Montenegro, competing against other groups from all over the world. The ages of these dancers ranged from 9 to 21 years. Yet again The Kim Field Academy came out on top by winning the Grand Prix trophy as overall winners of the competition.

For June 2010 The Kim Field Academy decided to once again participate in The Prague Dance Festival. After the previous successes of the Academy we took a much smaller group of twenty highly talented dancers to compete against some of the best dance groups the world has to offer in the hopes of making it an astonishing five wins in a row and we did it! With an overall category win for Hip Hop/ Jazz, and a special directors’ award for exceptional talent, Kim Field Academy once again proved the enormous talent South African dancers have.

During June 2013 The Kim Field Academy took a group of 22 dancers to the ever-growing New Prague Dance Festival. This time competition was fiercer than ever, with even more countries and dancers competing for a prize. Kim Field Academy met the challenge head-on winning a record 7 trophies: The Bidvest Czech Republic PRIX, 1st place Hip-Hop/ Jazz, 2nd place Pedagogy of Dance, 2nd place Costumes and 3 out of 7 individual prizes awarded to our dancers for promising young talent.

At the 2015 New Prague Dance Festival our team once again won 3 individual awards, 1st place in the Dance Flower Bud category, 2nd place for Jazz Hip-Hop and 3rd place for our costumes.

In 2016 the team won the Czech Republic Bidvest Prix, 2nd place for Jazz/ Hip-Hop, 2nd place for the Ethnic category, 1st place in the Dance Flower Bud category and 1 individual talent award.

During the 2017 competition our team won the Participant Prix, Czech Republic BIDfood Prix, 3rd place in the Jazz/ Hip-Hop category, 1 individual talent award and 2nd place in the Dance Flower Bud category.

Building on our success and only getting better, 2018 was another good year the New Prague Dance Festival, once again our team made us proud by bringing home the following prizes: The participants Prix, 3 individual talent awards and 1st place in the Dance Flower Bud category.

Our team reached new heights in 2019, dominating the junior competition and bringing home highest honour by winning Junior Grand Prix, the Participation Prix, 2 Special Director’s awards and 2 individual talent awards.

As you can see from our history of achievements above we are a team to be reckoned with internationally and take great pride in developing young talent to the highest standard