Code of Conduct


Kim Field Academy Private Primary Education believes in protecting the rights and dignity of each individual pupil. In keeping with this ethos it is important for both pupil and parent to be aware of the rules and regulations that control the way in which pupils may conduct themselves both in and outside of our environment.



Each pupil of Kim Field Academy Private Primary Education is expected to be of neat appearance at all times. He/She is in uniform regardless of whether he/she is inside or outside of the property. Guidelines for acceptable appearance are as follows:




As a pupil of Kim Field Academy Private Primary Education your child will be an ambassador for us wherever he/she goes. We want all our pupils to be proud of Kim Field Academy Private Primary Education and show it to all they come into contact with. The following behaviour will not be tolerated and will lead to disciplinary action being taken:

Illegal Substances & Activities

No pupil must partake in any form of illegal activity of any kind. Pupils found guilty of illegal activities or in possession of illegal substances will be suspended with immediate effect. These activities and substances include but are not limited to the following:

Other Rules & Regulations

Kim Field Academy Private Primary Education may from time to time publish new or amended rules and regulations concerning the conduct of the pupils in attendance. It remains the child and parent’s responsibility to ensure they are aware of what is permitted within the rules of Kim Field Academy Private Primary Education. If at any time a child becomes or feels unsure about how the rules apply to a particular situation, he/she must make contact with his/her teacher who will be able to guide them as to the correct application of the rules.

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