Admissions Policies

  1. No learner will be refused admission on the grounds of race, gender, culture, or religious belief.
  2. All learners admitted to the school will take part in the total school programme, this includes all academic as well as extra-mural activities.
  3. Selection will be based on the following criteria: a. Learners must demonstrate a definite school-readiness before acceptance can be contemplated. b. In respect of a learner admitted to Grade 1, preference will be given to a learner turning seven in the year of acceptance. The minimum eligibility criterion is that a learner must turn 6 by June unless exceptional circumstances exist which necessitate the admission of the learner in his/her best interest. c. The available number of places in a particular class (This is limited by the number of pupils allowed on site as per local by-laws as well as the department of health). d. Whether the amount of support or special needs that a learner might require (based on the school’s assessment results) can be met. e. Whether the parent/guardian is able to pay the fees (without financial assistance) as determined by the management from time to time. f. Whether the learner is able to cope with English as a medium of instruction.
Procedure 1.
  1. The “Application for Enrolment” form must be completed and returned to the school together with the required fee within the time frame as set out in the application and enrolment forms. All existing examination and assessment results, school reports, transfer certificates and such like must be submitted with the application.
  2. Should a school readiness assessment be necessary, an appointment will be arranged by the relevant member of staff. Alternatively an assessment can be required by The Kim Field Academy from an external Counselling Psychologist, at the parents’ expense.
  3. A full credit reference check is undertaken and the present school contacted (if appropriate)
  4. The application is screened for eligibility in terms of the criteria (above) by management.
  5. If necessary the learner and the parent(s)/guardian(s) are interviewed.
  6. Where an application is successful, the parent(s)/guardian(s) will be asked to sign the Code of Conduct Agreement.
  7. Where an application is unsuccessful the administrative manager will inform the parent(s)/guardian(s). The selection process is confidential, and parents undertake to accept the decision reached by The Kim Field Academy.