Kim Field Pre-Primary


Class Rooms

Here at Kim Field Academy we offer the best Pre-Primary Facilities. Kim Field Pre-Primary is not a crèche, it is a pre-primary school. The school consists of 40 children. Each class has qualified and experienced teachers and assistants that are trained in First Aid and CPR to ensure that our children receive the best dedication and care. Staff to child ratio: as per health department regulations. Each child’s individual needs and abilities are considered when each day’s activities are structured.

Classes are decorated to present a fun educational environment with painted murals and educational posters.
Progress reports are issued twice a year.
We supply all pupils with aprons to wear over their clothes for protection.
Assessment will be done on a regular basis and your child’s progress will be discussed with you. School readiness tests will be done in August after which we will address any problems which may arise. We will advise if your child can benefit from any additional tests such as speech, hearing and eye tests as well as Occupational Therapy Assessments.

Extra Murals

The school offers all the following extra-mural activities to ensure a stimulating and culturally rich education. Except for the artistic abilities that are developed, these extra-murals also provide vital greater and fine motor skills training as well as balance and co-ordination.

Classes are also presented with the aim of educating children about their direct environment and political backgrounds. Issues like politics, education, money, business, family and others are presented in the form of themes and are explored by classes throughout the year. We also present regular talks and workshops on personal safety and privacy. Children practice saying “no” to anyone with the intention of harming them and are informed on how to deal with strangers.


Our toilets are to standard for Pre-School children and decorated cheerfully to encourage children in their toilet training.


Our premises are divided into various indoor and outdoor playground facilities.
Except for the big outdoor playground at the rear, there are smaller playgrounds as well to ensure all the children can be accommodated safely and securely.
All playgrounds are covered with synthetic grass and modular play equipment, including two play frames, are the safest units currently available on the market, ensuring your child won’t get hurt.
We also boast a fully enclosed area for arts and crafts. This area doubles as an indoor play area when outdoor conditions are not favourable.


Kim Field Academy has a Toyota Quantum minibus to move children door-to-door to school and back home. Please enquire about our transportation fee structure.


Kim Field Pre-Primary has taken every measure into account to ensure a safe environment for your child.

All staff are aware of our security ethics and are updated and reminded regularly of the importance of keeping a tight security regime at our school.

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