Is your child a little star in the making?

Sign them up to the Kim Field Dance Academy to kickstart their careers! Do you remember watching dance films like Dirty Dancing, the Step-Up series, or even Stomp the Yard with your kids? Those films romanticised the incredibly freeing art of dance, and highlighted some of the hardships that aspiring and professional dancers have to … Read more

How to choose a dance style that will suit you

If you are considering becoming a part of the dancing world, there are many different dance styles for you to choose from. Whether it is through the fluid movements of contemporary, or the fast and fancy footwork of the quickstep, the opportunities of expression are endless. However, you should not choose just any style, choose … Read more

What is Kim Field’s vision and goals for their Social Responsibility Outreach Programme?

The Social Responsibility Outreach Programme, sponsored by Kim Field, is a programme that develops the dance skills of students that come from disadvantaged backgrounds. Read about the vision and goals for Kim Field’s Social Responsibility Outreach Programme below: Vision The vision of the Social Responsibility Outreach Programme that Kim Field sponsors is to provide a … Read more

The importance of selecting the right school for your child

Things to consider when selecting a school for your child Selecting the right school for your little one can be a daunting task for many parents. There are several factors that need to be considered ranging from ultra-specific to simple yet crucial. This blog post will tackle three important things you need to consider when … Read more

Tips on how to encourage your child to do extra-mural activities

The importance of extra-mural activities for your kids When it comes to early childhood development, there are few better ways to help nurture your child’s growth than to get her to participate in extra-mural activities. Sports and cultural activities like choir and chess are great examples of productive extra-mural activities, they allow kids to learn … Read more

The importance of early childhood development

When it comes to the development of your child, nothing else takes priority. It’s no secret that children are the most effective learners compared to teenagers and adults; this is because their brains are wired to absorb as much information as possible. Early childhood development (ECD) thus plays a crucial role in shaping the kind … Read more

Why you should send your child to Kim Field Academy

Kim Field Academy is a private primary education school dedicated to giving your children the only the best in education. Their rigorous academic curriculum will not only allow your child to perform at a higher level but will also allow your kids to learn and grow. Your children will also enjoy the ability to take … Read more

What is the link between extra mural activities and effective learning in today’s world?

Effective learning is a teaching method used to achieve specific results such as more connected knowledge and worldviews, increased engagement and self-direction as well as a greater ability to learn with others. Children are sponges ripe for educating, more so than at any other stage in their lives. This is because a child’s mind is … Read more

Why extra-mural activities are important for your kids

Children need to be exposed to healthy, productive and constructive environments to prepare them for the challenges they’ll face in life. As such, most schools have extra mural activity regimens to supplement existing curriculums. In most schools, extra murals are mandatory for all students, whether it be physical active activities like sports or physically passive … Read more

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