Importance of extra-mural activities

The benefits of extra-mural activities on your child’s development

Field Further Education is passionate about delivering a unique experience for our learners, parents and the broader community. We believe in ensuring that children receive the best education that will equip them with the necessary skills to flourish in their lives. 

The academic component of education is paramount to the success of a child’s developmental process. However, it is of critical importance to create a well-rounded environment that fosters passions, soft skills and other interpersonal social skills. Extra-murals are the perfect environment to teach children these fundamental skills. 

Extra-mural activities are specifically designed with the intention of teaching children commitment to a task outside of their normal educational experience. Time management is an additional skill that is taught through effective multi-tasking and prioritisation of tasks. 

Another important opportunity is for children to identify passions and strengths that they would have not been able to establish without the extra-mural forums at their respective schools and communities. 

Extra-Mural Activities

Learning how to deal with different personality traits and adapting to various environments are additional benefits of enrolling your children in extra-mural activities. These activities foster well-rounded, disciplined and engaged children to build their confidence in activities that they are most passionate about. 

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