Menu & Meals

Our Menu & Meals have been set up to ensure a balanced, healthy meal. A healthy diet will enable your child to enjoy their day and concentrate on their work.

Please note:

  • All meals are freshly cooked on a daily basis
  • Flavourings used for cooking are MSG free
  • No salt is used in food
  • Only brown bread is prepared
  • Fresh vegetables and seasonal fruits are used
  • Juice is Tartrazine and preservative free
  • We mostly serve flavoured Rooibos Teas
  • Children are encouraged to drink water. Water and cups are available at all times
  • Babies and Tots food are pureed to the consistency they require

Bring your own:

  • Dairy products – if you would like dairy intake to be boosted in your child’s diet
  • Baby formula, it is not provided by the school
  • Special foods such as purity, cereals, baby tea, etc.
  • 1 Healthy snack a day for 10am

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