Constitution Of Kim Field Academy

The purpose of this document is to establish the operational guidelines for the effective running of the school within the applicable legislation governing the operation and running of a school within the republic of South Africa.

Relevant Legislation:

  • The constitution of South Africa(Act 108 of 1996)
  • Children’s act 38 of 2005 and children’s amendment act 41 of 2007
  • The S.A schools act (Act 84 of 1996)
  • The labour relations act (Act 66 of 1996)
  • The promotion to access of information act (Act 2 of 2002)
  • Protection from harassment act 2010, No 17 of 2011

Name of School:

  • The Kim Field Academy


  • Ownership of The Kim Field Academy rests with Field Further Education CC which is a company wholly owned by the founder Charlotte Louisa Field.


  • The school is characterised by its focus on academic achievement as well as all forms of arts.


  • Kim Field Academy aims to provide excellent academic tuition and instruction whilst building strong character and self-confidence in our pupils through the practice of visual and vocal arts.


  • Sufficient facilities to ensure adequate space for each child to grow and explore in a nurturing environment.

Staff Members:

  • Only suitably qualified educators with the correct attitude and abilities will be employed.
  • Opportunities for aspirant educators and students who have a passion for education will be offered in the form of internships where they will assist qualified educators.
  • Office and other administrative staff members will be employed on the basis of qualification as well as positive and friendly demeanors.


  • Governing board consisting of four members.
  • Executive management through means of principal who heads the various heads of department.
  • Parental involvement through the establishment of an elected PTA.


  • The funding model relies primarily on school fees, supplemented by occasional fund raising activities.


  • Kim Field Academy will be registered with the relevant department of education.
  • Kim Field Academy will be registered with UMALUSI.
  • Kim Field Academy will be affiliated with any other legally required body and/ or institution.

Policy on Medium Of Instruction:

  • Kim Field Academy is a single medium institution.
  • The medium of instruction is english.

Policy on Multi-Language instruction:

  • The Kim Field Academy recognises the need for instruction in various languages in order to stimulate and encourage development of skills in deifferent languages.
  • English is the first language medium or Home language.
  • Afrikaans is offerred as the first additional language.
  • Basic Zulu is offered as a voluntary additional subject.
  • As suitable curriculum material becomes available and in the event of of sufficient enquiry from learners and parents The Kim Field Academy will introduce additional languages as part of the offering of the school.

Admissions Policy:

  1. No learner will be refused admission on the basis of race, religion, culture or gender.
  2. All learners will partake in our academic, cultural and artistic programmes.
  3. Parents must fill in the enrolment application form in full. No incomplete documents will be considered for purposes of final admissions and this will cause unnecessary delays for both parties.
  4. Remember to initial each page in the space provided at the bottom of the enrolment application document. All signatures including those of the parent(s)/ guardian(s) and or witnesses must be clearly visible.
  5. We require certified copies of the following documents be attached to the enrolment application document:
  • Child’s birth certificate.
  • Both Parents’ ID documents.
  • Child’s immunisation card.
  • Proof of residence (Utility Bill)
  • Last school report of child if any* with school’s full name, location and contact number and e-mail address.

* For grade 1 pupils we will require a school readiness test result from the pre-school/ school he/ she attended. If you are not in posession of such a document you child will be required to complete an assessment at our premises before we can accept the child.

  1. If an assessment is required Kim Field Academy will contact you with a date on which the assessment will take place.
  2. Once the assessment is complete you will be informed in writing via e-mail of the outcome.
  3. Learners must demonstrate a definite school-readiness before acceptance to The Kim Field Academy can be contemplated.
  4. In respect of a learner admitted to Grade 1, preference will be given to a learner turning seven in the year of acceptance. The minimum eligibility criterion is that a learner must turn 6 by June unless exceptional circumstances exist which necessitate the admission of the learner in his/her best interest.
  5. The available number of places in a particular class (given the maximum class size determined from time to time in accordance with the school’s commitment to providing a quality education).
  6. Whether the amount of support or special needs that a learner might require (based on the school’s assessment results) can be met.
  7. Whether the parent/guardian is able to pay the fees (with or without financial assistance) as determined by the Board from time to time.
  8. A credit background check will be performed on the party responsible for payment of school fees.
  9. Should your child be accepted into The Kim Field Academy the registration fee will become payable to secure your child’s place. These fees are not part of the tuition or curriculum fees.
  10. Once your registration fees have been paid you will receive written confirmation of space being allocated to your child.