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Holiday Care & After Care...

Every parent wants their child to be in the best environment for their academic journey, guaranteeing that their child will grow into a self-assured and confident individual, a place where the educationists act in ‘loco parentis’, and are fully responsible for the welfare and intellectual growth of their students.
Not only do we ensure putting the interest of your child first, but we also offer extra holiday care and after care services, where your child will be under great professional care. Holiday care and after care can turn the aimless hours after school into fruitful learning time for your children, which is a huge benefit for children with learning and attention issues.

Normally children are given homework on a daily basis and after care programs provide academic support by offering structured homework assistance. Homework can often cause tension between kids who are slow learners and their parents, therefore getting it done during after care can only reduce the friction and allow everyone to have a more pleasant and relaxing evening.

Holiday and after care also improves your child’s social skills; a fundamental aspect in the learning fraternity as it helps build confidence among others and be able to communicate across their thoughts freely. Our well-structured program promotes cooperation, support and respect. This helps individuals feel more secure about joining a game or starting a conversation. Supervision is provided as well, giving each student an environment where they can learn within a controlled and monitored environment.

For children with learning and attention issues, these classes can be stress-free, great fun and undoubtedly more meaningful. Kids love music and drama and this can help them find areas of new interests.
It’s also important to keep in mind that some individuals learn better in more relaxed environments. Our holiday and after care services have helped numerous pupils in becoming more confident and improve greatly in their daily learning process.