5 Easy tips on how to get your Child ready for school in the mornings

For many parents, their worst nightmare is getting their children ready for school in the morning. It can be a difficult task and rushing through this process can be frustrating. Not to worry, we’ve developed a list of 5 tips on how to get your child ready for school in the morning.

Alarm clocks
Invest in a few alarm clocks. One for yourself and for your children. Make you set it to wake yourself and your child or children up at a reasonable hour. You need to be sure that you will have enough time between getting up and leaving for school and work to get everything done.

Get yourself ready first
The most important thing to do in the morning is to get yourself ready. You don’t want to be rushing your morning routine while your kids are waiting at the door. Set your alarm clock to wake you up half an hour before your child. Have some coffee, go through your routine and then worry about your child.

Prepare in the evening
Stop worrying about the rush in the morning by preparing what you can in the evening. Evening preparation includes breakfast, lunch, clothing and more. When your child gets home from school in the afternoon, make sure that they put their school bag, lunch bag and school shoes in the same place.

Create a routine
A routine is a great way to prevent struggles in the morning. Make sure that you have a list for your child to follow. From brushing teeth to picking up the schoolbag; everything needs to be on that list! Your child will eventually get into this routine and do things without having to be reminded.

Stop morning screen time
Children get distracted by phones and TV’s all the time. Remove this distraction from their morning routine. Make use of the “when… then” technique by telling them that when they finish getting ready then they can use their phone.

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